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    How to check how many times the iphone was charged. How to determine if your iPhone or iPad needs to replace the battery. Definition of computer model.

    1. Determine the cause of the discharge
    2. Check battery status using battery
    3. Additional Battery Information
    4. How to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad

    There are many instructions on the Web that describe the process of determining the number of recharging cycles for iPhone and iPad. However, almost in each of these articles tells about the way to use which requires a Mac. But this is an optional requirement. Find out the number of recharge cycles iPhone and iPad, and determine whether it is time to think about replacing the battery can be on the computer under running windows .

    Determine the cause of the discharge

    Through the "Edit" and "Copy Serial Number" you can also transfer the number to the clipboard. This behavior is especially common in winter. The text, the introduction of which may already be decorated with the heading "readable". But, of course, devices are not used, so they should not be used. To determine if your device is struggling with a cordless vacuum cleaner, proceed as follows. Now press the power button at the top of the device to put the device into standby mode, set the clock and wait five minutes.

    Step 1. Download and install the iTools utility on a Windows computer. Important! For iTools to work properly, iTunes must be installed on your computer; you can download the latest version on Apple’s official website.

    Step 2. Launch iTools and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable.

    Take a look at the time in exactly 5 minutes. Standby time in standby mode should be about 5 minutes longer, but the time displayed in the “Use” field should increase by a maximum of one minute. If both switches are installed, it is possible that there will even be a sharp increase in the battery percentage. Battery # 2: background update. . Turns off background updates for all applications that are not important to you, or for those applications that do not always need to be updated before the start, but also have 10 seconds to start the update. Waiting data.

    Step 3. Wait until the device is determined in the program.

    Step 4 Step 4. Click on the button with the battery, which is located under the device.

    Step 5. The FullCycle column will provide information on the number of recharge cycles for the iPhone or iPad.

    Battery number 3: do not start the application manually. . Do not use convenient shooting of selected applications. This habit eats more electricity than it saves. Repeats battery test and checks if any improvements have been made. Battery Tip # 6: Turn Off Percent Display. . Stop worrying and enjoy life. There are more important things to worry about than the battery life of your device.

    No matter which mobile electronic device you have - an important point is the recharge time. Over the years, this has improved thanks to sophisticated technology and optimization. software but for now it's not perfect. This makes it all the more interesting to have an overview of your own consumption. operating system gives you even more full information about battery usage in applications.

    Also in the opened menu you should pay attention to the columns Actual Capacity and Design Capacity Also in the opened menu you should pay attention to the columns Actual Capacity and Design Capacity . They indicate the current and declared battery capacity, respectively. In other words, Design Capacity is the device's battery capacity in a new state, and Actual Capacity is the capacity that the iPhone or iPad has now.

    We will show you where the screen for using batteries is hiding. Scroll down a bit until you see the “Battery” section, and it may take some time to display information about battery usage. After these cycles, the battery should continue to work as usual, although if the future becomes shorter, we know that this is due to the charge cycle ratio. The device remembers it in the form of cycles. We opened the app and headed to the lower left “Devices” window.

    Choose where our device name is, and we will open a panel with several parameters on the right. We have chosen additional information. We will present a new window with several functions and our device, the first of which is the battery. It also indicates the overall status of the battery in the status. Not bad, huh?

    In this simple way you can determine the number of recharge cycles of your iPhone or iPad. On average, over 500 charge cycles, the battery capacity is reduced by 20%. Already in this case, you can think about replacing the battery with a new one.

    In one of our previous instructions, we talked about how to find out. iPhone battery or iPad with the help of a special utility for a computer. In the same guide we will describe the method for determining the degree of wear of the battery. mobile devices Apple without having to connect them to a PC.

    To do this, it is good to know the state of the battery and check its charging cycles. Charging cycles are the number during which the device can be fully charged. In order to get all the information about the status of our battery, we will talk about a fantastic application, which in addition to offering us free of charge everything we need to know.

    Check battery status using battery

    First, this app will tell us about the level of wear of our battery. This is measured in percent, where 0% is the minimum level of wear for which you can expect your battery to last for a long time. In the same way, since we consume batteries, the level of wear begins to increase as a percentage.

    Note: it should be noted that applications like Battery life quite often deleted by the App Store editors from the app store for breaking the rules. Thus, the Battery Life app we have highlighted in the instructions only in January 2017 returned to the App Store after a long absence.

    Step 1. Install the free Battery Life app from the App Store. The application has built-in purchases, however, in order to determine the degree of battery wear (and track it in the future), no spending is required.

    Additional Battery Information

    Battery life is a great app. They are still taking their first steps in the market, and there are many doubts that we still have about them. This means that the case is able to charge the headphones almost five times. To activate the widget, we need to take the following steps. We move the Notifications Center widgets to the end of everything and click the “Change” button.

    We will activate the battery widget if it is disabled. From this point on, we can see the status of the battery directly from the Notification Center whenever we want. Another option is to use the device pairing screen. To do this, we must perform the following steps.

    Note: alternatives are the two applications of the same name - Battery Life: Your Battery Doctor and Battery Life - Your Battery Details.

    Step 2. Launch Battery Life .

    Step 3. Battery Life will show the degree of battery wear on the start screen. For more information, select the menu item " Current data ".

    Batteries of any electronic device, sooner or later, fail. They will use them or not, and usually faster if you give them a newspaper, as with any smartphone. This is due to the fact that the lithium-ion battery technology, which is commonly used on smartphones, tablets and computers, has a lifespan, which is usually calculated on the number of loading and unloading cycles that they suffer.

    The first symptom of a battery that already has a large number of charges and discharges is its duration. The battery inside has a series of cells or vessels, and in fact that is why it is called a battery; These cells were placed in a battery box, side-mounted or stacked. These compartments can communicate if they lose their original structure, which usually happens with use sooner or later. We can turn it on again, but it will probably turn off very soon again, or perhaps the charge indicator will go from 20% to 5% suddenly. For any reason or by the sum of the reasons mentioned above, the battery loses almost all of its power and lasts only a few minutes, feeding the car or can not turn it on directly.

    • If this happens, they are damaged, and the battery suddenly loses its carrying capacity.
    • This is what happens sooner or later with most batteries, and over the years.

    In addition, you will have a very useful warranty on this repair.

    In this simple way, you can determine the degree of battery wear on your iPhone or iPad without using a computer and installing specialized utilities In this simple way, you can determine the degree of battery wear on your iPhone or iPad without using a computer and installing specialized utilities. Note that the Battery Life has the ability to view the battery life history. The History tab displays the latest measurements and their dates.

    How to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad

    It is removed by moving it vertically a few millimeters and pulling it. First unscrew the connector that plugs into motherboard While taking care that the screw holds the piece a tiny object supports the connector is not lost. In many cases, you saw batteries that burned and exploded a bit. Well, it's true, batteries can do this, because chemical reactions that can cause chemical components inside can be very dangerous. As soon as we removed the battery, we put it in place.

    See also See also.

    Not bad, huh?

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