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    How to create a ringtone for aytyuns. How to create ringtone for iPhone using iTunes

    1. Add your own ringtone using iTyuns
    2. How to make a ringtone for iPhone through iTunes.
    3. How to make a ringtone for iPhone using special programs (iRinger, GarageBand)
    4. How to make a ringtone for iphone 3gs
    5. How to make ringtone on iPhone / iPhone by yourself
    6. Ways to create a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone
    7. Key features of the iPhone ringtone
    8. Creating a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone using mp3DirectCut
    9. Creating a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone online on Mp3cut.ru

    The easiest way to get an interesting ringtone is to download it from the Internet. Especially ready-made ringtones are really a huge amount. However, if you were unable to find one standing, then you can supplement it through iTunes yourself from the part of the song that you like. And now we will tell you what it takes.

    In fact, the process is extremely simple. Everything is solved in just a few clicks with a computer mouse. Even if this is your first iPhone and you know nothing about apple devices, there will be no problems!

    Add your own ringtone using iTyuns

    The location of items in iTunes may vary depending on its version, but the instructions are still relevant. No matter what kind of iPhone you use, it can be at least 4S, at least 7 Plus - the process of creating a ringtone for a call is absolutely identical. So let's start:

    Do not look at the fact that there are too many points in this manual - there is really nothing complicated. We have broken it into the most detailed parts so that you do not have any problems and questions.

    All iPhones, like any other Cell phones , complete with a set standard tunes . But this is the essence of the notion “standard” - it means that everyone has them. Of course, you can simply buy a ringtone by sending an SMS with a specific number. But there is another way, more attractive: Let's talk about how to make a ringtone for the iPhone on your own.

    How to make a ringtone for iPhone through iTunes.

    Standard iTunes is the constant companion of all generations of iPhones. It is downloaded and installed at the stage of activation of the device. Therefore, to start, just open it on the computer.

    1. Find the File item in the menu.

    2. Press the button “Add to the library” and then add your favorite song, from which we will make a ringtone.

    3. Click right click on the tab "Information".

    4. Find the “Parameters” tab, mark “Start” and “Stop Time” there. The gap must be determined no more than 30 seconds. Click OK

    5. Right-click on the melody, choose “Convert to ACC” - after this procedure, under the original song, a section of the melody will appear for 30 seconds with the same name.

    6. Click the right button and select from the window “Show in Windows Exporer”. A folder will open, it should contain one file weighing about 500 kbytes, in m4a format. This format needs to be changed to m4r. Check that the file name is in English. The location of the file to remember.

    7. Go back to iTunes to remove our segment of the melody from the music folder, close the program.

    8. Open iTunes again, find “File” - “Add to library”. Choose ours in "Ringtones".

    9. Connect an iPhone, click on the “Ringtones” tab, select the desired melodies and click “Apply” or “Synchronize”. If the created file is in Media Library, and it cannot be transferred to the phone, then most likely the problem is with the length of the track. Therefore, if the melody lasts more than 30 seconds, then it should be tried to make it shorter.

    10. In the tab “Settings” - “Sounds” - “Melody” we set our new ringtone for incoming calls (or for SMS, MMS, alarm clock - as your heart desires).

    How to make a ringtone for iPhone using special programs (iRinger, GarageBand)

    Previously set your own melody, even purchased through iTunes Store It was very, very problematic. Third-party developers have gradually introduced their own programs that allow you to make ringtones for the iPhone on their own. And over time, the "apple" developers made concessions. Starting with iTunes 7.5, you can easily record even “left” ringtones to your phone, and the iLife melodies package is provided by default on any Mac.

    Let me explain in detail how to make a ringtone for iPhone using the example of using GarageBand from iLife.

    1. Run the program, select the “Ringtone for iPhone” - “Example Ringtone” in the appeared wizard “Ringtone for iPhone”.

    2. A ready-made ringtone created by GarageBand as a sample appears in the main window. Delete this example using Delete.

    3. Drag the song, from which we will make a melody for the phone, into the GarageBand window.

    Tip: be sure to check the right part of the program - there is a browser with excellent ready-made melodies and SMS signals.

    4. Ringtone for iPhone should not sound longer than 40 seconds. In our program, the length of the track, which you will cut, is shown by the yellow bar located immediately above the name. The size of the strip can be increased or decreased.

    5. When our ringtone is ready, select the tab “Export” and “Send ringtone to iTunes”, then we synchronize our phone with Mac.

    How to make a ringtone for iphone 3gs

    For all generations of iPhones ringtones are made exactly the same. So try using one of the above methods.

    Finally, I would like to say that manufacturers are now trying to simplify their developments as much as possible, so do not be afraid that you do not have enough qualifications or knowledge to use them. Instructions that we have proposed to you will be quite enough to try to create your own unique melody for iPhone. It's so nice to create a ringtone with your own hands and select a phone from many others.

    Each user devices from Apple sooner or later comes to the question: how to make (create) an iPhone / iPhone ringtone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) with your own hands. By setting an individual melody, the smartphone becomes truly unique.

    In the direct translation of the term ringtone, two words are used - it is a ring (ring) and a musical accent (tone). At present, this word has become very popular and is a marketable product that generates high incomes, selling to users the same popular compositions that later change to new ones again. Having established the ringtone for iPhone offered from advertising services, you shouldn’t hope that it will be really individual. More often it happens that, for example, in vehicles, from different corners, the same iPhone Ringtones on an incoming call.

    How to make ringtone on iPhone / iPhone by yourself

    Creating your own non-standard melody always gives individuality to the smartphone owner and rather attracts more attention to it. Hearing an interesting composition on the call of a stranger, the preferences of the person are immediately assumed - in a musical composition, people try to identify some common signs of the character of the owner. In any case, the time spent on learning the process of creating a ringtone on an iPhone / iPhone with your own hands, in the future, will speed up the time for the subsequent selection and installation of the song that you really like.

    In fact, creating a ringtone from a selected song is not such a difficult thing, it’s enough to know the program or online applications , allowing you to quickly perform all actions to create a segment of a song or melody, and subsequently with using iTunes , move in the desired format on the iPhone.

    Ways to create a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone

    Unfortunately. with exit iTunes updates version 12.4, the ability to create a ringtone on iPhone using iTunes is impossible , due to the lack of data functions. What is the reason for this is not yet clear; perhaps in future versions of updates, these options will be re-added. Since a large number of people used this application to create ringtones on the iPhone for a call.

    Key features of the iPhone ringtone

    1. The duration of the ringtone should not exceed 30 seconds .
    2. The format of the song loaded on the device (as a ringtone) should be in the format “m4r”

    You can create a ringtone in any way, through the program or online services , for example, in the popular “ mp3 ” format and later, using iTunes to download and synchronize music files, the format will be converted to the “m4r” we need. But with a length exceeding 30 seconds, the device simply refuses to use it as a call.

    Creating a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone using mp3DirectCut

    In order to make a ringtone on iPhone itself, for example, we chose the mp3DirectCut program. Since it is one of the most common free software for editing musical compositions, with the possibilities of cutting selected segments, combining without loss of quality, creating a smooth increase in the sound level at the beginning and attenuation at the end, and some other possibilities.

    This program has become very common, most likely due to the fact that it has a very simple and intuitive interface that allows even novice users to understand, despite the fact that there are no more complicated operations of editing musical functions. In principle, in our case, to create ringtones for iPhone / iPhone, it is more than enough for us.

    In order to make your ringtone on iPhone you need:

    • and install on computer. After the program is installed, run it by clicking on the shortcut that appears on the desktop. Together with its main window, an additional window will appear where you need to select the Russian language by clicking on the tab with the arrow.

    • Having installed the Russian language, click below “ Use and restart “. After that, the program will restart and open in Russian.

    • Click on the “ File ” tab and select open.

    • A window will open with a graph and scale of the duration of the audio file. Below we select the “ Play ” button and listen to the song until the beginning of the tenderloin.

    • Having determined the place of cutting, we press the “ Start ” button (see the picture).

    • Use the “ End ” button to set the end point of the song segment.

    • The length of the cut segment of the composition for the ringtone should not exceed 30 seconds . The figure indicates the place where the duration of the selected segment is indicated. If you cut more than 30 sec., You can reduce the segment, move the cursor to a earlier place and press the end button again.

    • The program has many additional buttons and functions, after you hover the cursor, a brief explanation of their function will appear. Among them there is a button “ Listen from the beginning of the selection “.

    • In the program options there are functions (in the “ Edit ” menu) of simple and two-level attenuation of the selected segment of the composition for the ringtone.

    • To save the cut ringtone, open the “ File ” tab and select “ Save selection“ by selecting the folder for storing the file.

    For those people who have wondered: how to make a ringtone on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) independently, this program will be a good helper in this matter. It will remain only with the help iTunes software download it to your device and set as a ringtone on your iPhone.

    Creating a ringtone for iPhone / iPhone online on Mp3cut.ru

    This site was chosen as an example, if it is inconvenient for you to use it, there are other sites on the Internet to create a ringtone for an iPhone call online (without installing software on your computer).

    • To make a ringtone on iPhone online do it yourself with your hands go to the site Mp3cut.ru (opens in a new tab) and click the button “ Open file “. Select a song on the computer (if there is no PC on it, first download on the Internet).

    • Press the “ Ringtone for iPhone ” button, then the “ Play ” button and listen to the song before the beginning of the ringtone.

    • Below the sound graph there are two sliders of the beginning and the end of the segment, by moving them we select the part of the song that is necessary for the ringtone.

    • Here, there are also buttons “ Smooth start ” and “ Smooth attenuation “, which can be switched on as desired.

    The length of the segment of the composition should not exceed 30 seconds .

    • Now, when the segment for the iphone ringtone is done, click “ Trim “.

    • A page will open, offering a link to download and save the file.

    The created ringtone, when you click the “Ringtone on iPhone” button at the beginning of the process, is saved in the desired format “ m4r “. Now using iTunes, you can throw it on the iPhone.

    It is much easier to find and download a finished ringtone for a call than to create it yourself, but by making it once later, you will do it much faster. If you decide to figure out how to make a ringtone on an iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE), then feel free to start now. Especially because at the moment there are all the tools and instructions for quick mastering of this process . Accordingly, the probability of the same melodies on other people's calls will be much lower. In any case, the hand-made melody will be much more pleasant.


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