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    Megaphone Internet speed is small. Mobile Internet - How to Increase Speed?

    1. How to increase the speed of the mobile Internet Megaphone on the phone and modem
    2. "Extend the speed" Megaphone Internet for a day
    3. How to extend the speed of the Internet Megaphone by 1 GB per month
    4. "Extend the speed of 5 GB" for a month
    5. Terms of increasing traffic on Megaphone
    6. Auto renewal speed
    7. Commands to extend traffic for a day in the regions
    8. Tariffs to increase the Internet
    9. External antenna as a signal amplifier
    10. Several ways to increase the speed of the Internet megaphone
    11. Fast internet
    12. Technical equipment
    13. Change authentication settings
    14. Network priority
    15. Change port speed
    16. Increase bandwidth
    17. MTU Setup

    Part of Megafon subscribers complains about slow speed mobile internet . Many users claim that they have it unreasonably low. This is possible, but it does not always mean that the operator is to blame, often the cause is on the other side.

    In one of the previous articles told,. Read it to select the appropriate fare.

    How to increase the speed of the mobile Internet Megaphone on the phone and modem

    The speed of the mobile Internet Megaphone in varying degrees is available to residents of cities, small towns and villages. If some people have 4G and 3G networks, then others are content with EDGE, GPRS. There is nothing to be done about this, new technologies are not common everywhere. Someone has to be content with the capabilities of the old equipment. But within the limits of the network pastime in the World Wide Web can become more comfortable, than is actually.

    What if low internet speed is megaphone?

    If the traffic volume is used up, activate the option or switch to another tariff.

    2. If you are using a modem and traffic is not exhausted, switch the mode from 3G to 4G or vice versa. If the 4G (LTE) signal is uncertain, and 3G is stable, then the modem speed may be higher.

    Many subscribers today are actively using mobile Internet, and it is increasingly entering our life and becoming an integral service for cellular operator . Megaphone also provides this service, providing its subscribers with "unlimited" access to the Internet. But "unlimited" it is conditional: in fact, on such tariffs, traffic is limited and after you have reached the threshold and spent the monthly limit, you have an access speed of 64 Kbit / s , which is very small today. With such speed you will wait for the download of the page on the Internet forever, but you can forget about sharing photos and music in general.

    If your internet speed on a megaphone has plummeted, then check the rest of the traffic, perhaps, and the problem described has touched you. But the operator has provided for such cases and took care of their subscribers, giving them the opportunity to extend traffic using the option "Prolong speed" . It is about how to add traffic to Megaphone, and will be discussed in this manual. No matter what tariff you use, cellular telephone you have or 4G modem - this instruction will suit you, if your operator is Megafon.

    "Extend the speed" Megaphone Internet for a day

    If you use the Megaphone Internet XS option, then for you the operator cellular communication provided the following opportunity to increase traffic: you can add another 150 MB of mobile traffic for 15 rubles , using the option "Prolong speed XS".

    Extended traffic will be valid until the end of the current day, because for the next day you will be charged a subscription fee and earn the usual tariff for you with the new limit.

    For users of other daily Internet options (Internet 24, Internet 24 PRO, BIT Pro, “BlackBerry Internet Service” options) or Internet archive options (for example, “ Unlimited Internet for the phone ”,“ Unlimited Internet for a smartphone ”,“ BIT Lite ”) Megafon operator on its official website did not leave any recommendations for extending the rate for rent.

    To restore speed and add additional megabytes using the above option, use one of the following methods:

    • * 236 * 1 #;
    • Send the word "YES" (without quotes) to the number 05009121;
    • Use MegaFon Personal Account

    After the actions you have done, you will receive confirmation that the option is connected and the Internet access speed will be restored.

    How to extend the speed of the Internet Megaphone by 1 GB per month

    To extend the Internet speed on a Megaphone by 1 GB, the operator has provided the option “Extend the speed of 1 GB” for 115 rubles. It extends your Internet speed to 1 GB for a period of 1 calendar month. The option to receive traffic using the option “Extend speed 1 GB” is suitable for users of options with a monthly subscription fee (“Internet S”, “Internet M”, “Internet L”, “Internet XL”, “Internet XXL”) and for subscribers with “All inclusive” tariffs.

    In order to increase Internet traffic by 1 GB using the option “Extend the speed of 1 GB”, do one of the following:

    • Send from your phone USSD request view * 370 * 1 # and press the call key
    • Send an SMS message with the word "YES" without quotes to the number 05009061
    • Or connect the option via Megafon account

    Send from your phone   USSD request   view * 370 * 1 # and press the call key   Send an SMS message with the word YES without quotes to the number 05009061   Or connect the option via Megafon account

    If you did everything correctly and there was enough money on your balance to complete the operation, then the speed of access to the global network will be restored.

    "Extend the speed of 5 GB" for a month

    This option, proposed by the operator Megafon, the latest and highest of all. It is suitable for those who often use the Internet from a mobile, and 1GB is not enough for this. The option allows you to connect 5 GB of additional traffic for 275 rubles . Like the previous service, it is suitable for the “Internet S”, “Internet M”, “Internet L”, “Internet XL” options, as well as for the “All inclusive” tariffs and some archive options). This option will be valid for 30 days from the moment of its activation. If you decide to add 5 GB of additional traffic and are willing to pay 400 rubles for this, then perform one of the following operations:

    • Send USSD command from your phone * 370 * 2 #
    • Send SMS with the word "YES" without quotes to the number 05009062
    • Or use the "Personal Account".

    Terms of increasing traffic on Megaphone

    • All additional traffic added by the above options will be used only after the end of your main traffic volume (included in your tariff).
    • If you have connected one of the options “Extend speed” and you don’t have enough funds in your account at the time of charging the subscription fee for your tariff, the Internet will be completely blocked, even if you have not exhausted all the added megabytes.
    • After writing off the next subscription fee, you will be added to the planned traffic, and all the additional traffic (option “Prolong speed”) will be saved and activated again after you spend all traffic on the tariff. But note that additional traffic is also canceled upon its expiration, i.e. 30 days.
    • All speed extension services will be valid only in those regions where your tariff plan .

    Do not forget to read the MegaFon mobile Internet connection instructions if you are having difficulty with this issue.

    Auto renewal speed

    This option is aimed at users of the tariff plan "Turn on!" and "MegaFon - All Inclusive". It allows you to connect up to 15 additional packages up to 200 MB per auto mode as they are spent. The cost of one package is 30 rubles. Connection and disconnection of the option is done through " Personal Area ". The service" Replace Beep "is also connected there.

    Commands to extend traffic for a day in the regions

    At the moment, MegaFon has installed single packages of additional Internet and unified teams for all regions. In addition, in some regions additional options may work - this point can be clarified on the operator’s website. For example, in the Magadan region, in addition to all the above options, an additional 500 Mb Internet extension package works - it is connected using the * 370 * 3 * 1 # command.

    Today, many operators offer high-speed Internet. But even here there are limitations, even if the Internet is unlimited. Restrictions consist in a traffic, or from speed. The slow Internet does not suit anyone, everyone wants to move quickly in the open spaces, because in the 21st century. Many people in this regard, questions arise, how can you speed up the Internet. Below is detailed information on this issue.

    Today, the megaphone allows its customers to increase the speed limit, thanks to several tariffs.

    Tariffs to increase the Internet

    1. Tariff "prolong speed". Allows you to return the speed of the Internet just a day. The price for this service is low, only 19 rubles, but the traffic is also small.

    It connects in three ways:

    • combination of digits * 105 * 906 #;
    • sending an empty SMS to number 000105906;
    • call the operator megaphone.
    1. Tariff "prolong light speed". The best offer for a modem or router. The traffic for this option will be 1 GB. For this package will need to pay 150 rubles. To activate you need to dial from mobile * 925 * 3 #.
    2. Tariff "extend mega speed". The traffic for this package will be 2.5 GB. Validity period increased to 30 days. Connection conditions are similar to the “light” package. The cost of the service is 300 rubles.

    It should be noted that when double connected traffic is summarized. In addition to standard tariff increases, you can also use other ways to increase the speed and signal level.

    External antenna as a signal amplifier

    When using a 3G or 4G modem, the signal level can sometimes drop, and accordingly the coverage speed. Then an external antenna for modems can come to the rescue. It helps to improve the signal level and acts as an amplifier. Due to this, the reception signal will be higher, the speed will also increase in direct proportion. After all, there are other situations. The signal seems to be good, but the speed is low. This fact is connected with the fact that the operator’s megaphone line can be overloaded, in other words, everyone does not have enough Internet, so low speed. Then you can just use the antenna.

    Several ways to increase the speed of the Internet megaphone

    1. Disable unnecessary programs. This will improve the performance of a computer or laptop, as well as improve the signal level megaphone.
    2. Put the modem megaphone closer and as close as possible to the window.
    3. If the speed is still low, you can use a different browser, perhaps he pulls everything over.
    4. Temporary space acts as an amplifier. That is, at night and in the morning the Internet speed is much higher than, for example, during the day. This may be due to network congestion when many people use the network. And at night or in the morning everyone is sleeping, and the speed is at the proper level.
    5. The signal amplifier can be downloaded and installed on the used gadget, but far from the fact that it will improve the situation.

    Unlike large cities, whose residents successfully use networks of the so-called fourth generation (in particular, 4G), in small towns, urban settlements and villages have to use old equipment like 3G. In this regard, the question arises how to increase the speed of the Internet on Megaphone.

    Fast internet

    So, if your Internet, as they say, has started to “slow down” and further work on the web is hardly possible, then you will have to use the instructions below to correct the situation.

    1. First, you need to contact your operator and clarify exactly which tariff plan you have, as well as get all the information about traffic and the possible speed of the Internet in your region of residence. You can get answers to all your questions by calling 0500 . It may be that company employees will offer you to change the tariff for a faster one.
    2. You should also disable programs related to the Network, such as Skype, ICQ, antivirus programs, etc., while working on the Web. Because, by sharing the available information with servers, they actually slow down Internet browsing.
    3. It may well be that in your mobile device there is unnecessary information or programs you do not need. In this case, you should clear your cache of "garbage", after which you can once again enjoy the high-speed Internet.
    4. In the event that the number of megabytes of your traffic is rapidly approaching zero, you can use the function "Prolong speed", which is easy to activate via SMS message.

    It's not a secret that, knowing how to increase the speed of the Internet on a Megaphone, you can enjoy work and communication on the World Wide Web.

    3G modems are popular among users as convenient wireless devices that provide a permanent connection to the Internet. Modern 3G modems allow you to solve everyday tasks (view e-mail sites, images and video clips, etc.) with a data transfer rate of about 3 Mbit / s.

    For a number of reasons (large distance and load base station , weak signal reception due to obstacles, etc.) the modem speed drops. If you need to increase the productivity of your wireless Internet device, you can use several methods. As an example, let's try to increase the speed of the 3G modem Megaphone.

    Quick article navigation

    Technical equipment

    To enhance the signal and increase the speed of the 3G modem, the following technical tools will help:

    • USB extension cable;
    • Directional 3G antenna;
    • Antenna kit with 3G repeater;
    • Reflectors.

    Change authentication settings

    To achieve a higher speed of loading sites, you can change the authentication settings - access numbers. For this you need:

    • Launch the MegaFon Internet program;
    • On the top panel, select the "Tools" section;
    • Open the subsection "Options";
    • In the menu on the left, click on the item “Profile Management”;
    • In the line “Access number” enter the number * 99 * 111 #;
    • Press "OK".

    Network priority

    The wireless modem will work faster if you change the type of network used in its settings. This will require:

    • In the program “Megafon Internet” select the section “Tools”, subsection “Options”;
    • Go to the "Network" tab;
    • In the line “Network type” select “Only 3G”;
    • Confirm changes.

    Change port speed

    To increase the productivity of the 3G modem, you can increase the speed of the port. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Through the "Start" button to enter the "Control Panel";
    • Select the “System and Security” section and the “System” subsection;
    • On the panel located on the side open the item "Device Manager";
    • Click on the "Ports" tab;
    • In the list that opens, select the port "COM 10";
    • Right-click on the function menu and click on the "Properties" item;
    • In the “Bit per second” line set the value “115200”;
    • Press "OK" to save the changes;

    Increase bandwidth

    By changing the appropriate settings of Windows, the bandwidth of the wireless modem can increase by 20%. For this you need:

    • Click the "Start" button;
    • In the line enter the command "gpedit.msc";
    • Press the "Enter" key (the "Group Policy" window will open);
    • Sequentially select the Local Computer Policy menu, the Computer Configuration section, the Administrative Templates subsection, the Network item, the QoS Packet Manager sub-item;
    • On the right in the list, double click on the tab “Limit reserved bandwidth” (the “Properties” window will open);
    • In the field "Parameter" select "Enabled";
    • Below, opposite the “Bandwidth Limiting” property, set zero;
    • Confirm changes.

    MTU Setup

    The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) parameter indicates the amount of data transmitted per signal. By default, Windows is set to 1500, by changing which you can increase the speed of the wireless modem. For this you need:

    • Run the program "Run";
    • Enter the command "regedit";
    • A windows registry window will open;
    • Find the "TcpWindowSize" parameter using the path - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParameters;
    • Change the size from 1500 to 576 (the optimal value for 3G networks);
    • Save changes.

    If you wish, you can use Internet services (Globax, WebPaper), which increase the speed of loading pages by compressing traffic.

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    What if low internet speed is megaphone?

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