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    Number to register in the VC. Creating a VKontakte page without a phone number is a home traveler

    1. How to create a VK account without a phone
    2. What is the confirmation of VK registration via SMS?
    3. How to register in the social network without a phone
    4. Create two pages for one phone number
    5. Alien number
    6. Log in through Facebook
    7. Registration via virtual number
    8. Summing up

    I think many of you had to create for one reason or another. new account In contact with. Someone was banned, and someone just decided to start another page. AND main problem here is that without a phone this can not be done. What are the options out of this situation, except how to buy a new sim card? The next solution is to use virtual number services for SMS acceptance. This is how you can create a VC account without a phone .

    Today there are a lot of similar services in the network, there are both paid and free. And mostly at all free services virtual numbers have the limits of these very numbers and all these numbers have already been distributed across all social networks (Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, etc.) and other Internet projects, so not all of them will work.
    But today I will tell you about two similar services, one paid, the second free.

    How to create a VK account without a phone

    Perhaps we start with the free. This is a foreign project and it is called Textnow. In general, we register on the site by clicking on the Sign up free button.

    In the new window, enter the data that we are asked to fill out, and click the Sign up button.

    After that, a window with ads will appear, it will close itself, or simply click on the Skeep button. In the new window you will need to enter the region code in order for the system to give you a phone number, the best way is to enter the code 423, this is the code of one of the states of America, which one I do not remember.

    Click the Continue button and the system assigns your phone number to you, copy it and click the Got it button.

    After that you get to the page of your account Textnow. Now we go Vkontakte create a new account when asked to enter the phone number, select the United States (+1).

    After your account in Textnow should receive a message with a code from VK. Sometimes it knocks out that the number is written in the wrong format, then create a new account on Textnow, do the same and try to create the Vkontakte page again.

    What are the disadvantages of this method:

    • Sometimes Vkontakte gives an error that wrong format numbers, you need to re-create an account at Textnow.
    • Someone can get the same number as you have on Textnow and go to your Vkontakte page. If you have saved access to your account on Textnow, then there will be no problems in restoring access, but this will be such a tugging of the blanket (you will restore access to the VC, then that other person will not get tired of anyone of you).

    And I almost forgot to create more accounts in Textnow you need a service

    Sometimes there is a need for a second, fake VKontakte page to check someone, meet, speak out and other goals. At one time, having asked myself such a question, I tried dozens of ways, but really the working one turned out to be one. The time to perform this fraud is about 5 minutes. And now more.

    Pros: the way works, the page is confirmed (no need to enter captcha);
    Minuses: when blocking a page without a number, it is practically impossible to restore it, operations with confirmation of the number are not available (change url addresses , change of name and surname);

    To create the page we need:
    1. Smooth hands and a working computer with the Internet, google browser Chrome
    2. Android phone
    3. Application for Android Next Plus
    4. Extension for Google chrome called zen mate

    Note! Before starting this procedure, create on the desktop txt or word file where you will save the data.

    STEP 1. Create a mailbox
    First we need mailbox , which we use to verify your Facebook account. It is much easier to create it on the site mail ru
    . Fill in the data and register. It will take no more than a minute. I created mail [email protected] with password QwErTy228.

    Note! To not confirm the number, click "I do not have mobile phone "then enter any backup mail and proceed to the next step.

    STEP 2. Sign up for Facebook
    Now create a profile on Facebook. We need it to authorize VKontakte. Attention! The first and last names will be imported from Facebook and changing them on VKontakte without a number will no longer work. So choose your fake data and go ahead. I created the profile of the same Vasily Tractor, with a box [email protected] and password QwErTy228.
    STEP 2

    STEP 3. Confirming your Facebook account via E-mail
    Having skipped all the steps, we get into the Facebook news feed and on top we will have an alert that we need to go to our newly created mailbox and confirm the page. Click on the button "go to the mailbox" and in the sent letter we press the button "Confirm registration".
    STEP 3

    STEP 4. Confirm Facebook page phone number
    Now we need an application for Android Next Plus, which can be downloaded from this link. In this application we will get toll free number which will allow us to accept the message and confirm your facebook account. To get started, go to the settings section, the tab Pash-notifications (clickable) .

    AT this section Click "Add a phone number", then click on the link "Enter your phone number here." In the window that opens, in the drop-down list, select the US country and pick up the phone with installed program Next Plus.
    AT   this section   Click Add a phone number, then click on the link Enter your phone number here

    STEP 5. Confirm the number through the application Next Plus
    After installing the application from the playlist market, run it.
    STEP 5

    Step 6. Turn on the Zen Mate extension
    After installing the Zen Mate extension (clickable), launch it by clicking on the extensions panel icon of the gray shield or green if it is already activated. In the window that appears below, click off to activate the application and select any of the foreign countries (it doesn't matter which one). This will allow us to change our ip to a foreign one, which will add a vkontakte button to enter from Facebook.
    Step 6

    STEP 7. We are registering on VKontakte.
    It is time for what we have gathered. Go to the site

    Lecture hall social network Vkontakte is growing every day. However, not all pages hosted on this resource are real. there is a large number of people who want to have additional account for business or personal purposes. On how to register in contact without a phone number and what gives confirmation of the account via SMS, we'll talk today.

    What is the confirmation of VK registration via SMS?

    Until 2012, there was a workaround - it was possible to register on the site, indicating only email . However, this freedom led to a huge number of fake and fraudulent accounts, which created a heavy load on the server and interfered with the free communication on the social network.

    On this moment profile activity passes through the phone. The risk of fraudulent schemes with page stealing decreased several times. You can track who and from where went into the profile. In addition, binding to the phone is a guarantee of coordinated work. mobile version VC.

    How to register in the social network without a phone

    Although the developers are trying to complicate the registration of fake pages as much as possible, this possibility is still there. We have counted four currently relevant methods that allow you to join virtual network through a lime page .

    Create two pages for one phone number

    How it works How it works? Suppose you have a main page that fully matches your personality, but really want to create an account fake. Get out of your page, register a new one - with the necessary data, photos and interests. At the end of registration, the system will ask you for a phone number to which you can send verification code . You have such a phone. Enter the incoming code in the right field and everything - the page can be used!

    Now go back to your main account. The system will ask you for a phone number - and you can re- enter your numbers .

    Alien number

    Can go by simple way - To register a VC, purchase an additional SIM card. This option is good for those who need only one additional page and there is an opportunity to regularly communicate on the second SIM card so that it is not blocked.

    If there are people in the circle who absolutely do not welcome social networks, you can also ask for a phone number from them. However, if there is no desire to either buy a SIM card or ask it from friends, you can always register through a landline phone (if you still have it). To do this, enter the number of 11 digits in the desired field and request the code. On landline phone no display, so you call automatic program which dictates necessary code . In this embodiment, you can register any number of additional pages in contact.

    Log in through Facebook

    Although Vkontakte - Russian version Facebook, its owners are actively seeking to capture the audience of their older brother. For foreigners, there is a great opportunity to log in using a Facebook account.

    Can a resident of Russia use this opportunity? Of course yes. But for this you have to cheat a little and enter the site through Anonymizer. We offer you several popular sites:

    1. “Chameleon”: http://cameleo.xyz/
    2. http://noblockme.ru/
    3. https://bannerproxy.github.io/ru/anonymizer

    By clicking on the desired social network, we open a welcome window with the option "register via Facebook". And for registration in a foreign social network, only e-mail is needed, so this option is very convenient for those who want to receive a large number of fake pages.

    Registration via virtual number

    One more fun way for those who want to get an additional page, not bothering to search for additional SIM cards or changing the ip-address . On the Internet, you can find several resources that allow you to receive SMS to a virtual number without having to buy and insert a SIM card into your phone. Here are the most popular ones:

    1. https://onlinesim.ru/
    2. https://sms-reg.com/
    3. receive-sms-online.com/
    4. http://sellaite.com/smsreceiver/

    We advise you to choose those sites that are focused on the inhabitants of Russia - otherwise you may receive an American phone number We advise you to choose those sites that are focused on the inhabitants of Russia - otherwise you may receive an American phone number.

    How to work with these systems? Select the desired site, register via e-mail and buy the possibility of renting one of the virtual numbers. It is quite inexpensive.

    Now enter the rented number in the required field and wait for the system to process your application and send an SMS code. It will be displayed on the screen of your monitor, and by copying it, you can finally register a new page.

    Summing up

    Create a page without confirmation phone number - quite real, if you know small tricks. The disadvantage of these methods is that if you lose access to the page (for example, if it is blocked for spam), it will not be easy to restore it.

    Choosing any of the methods, you should decide for yourself whether you need only one additional page or you want to create several fake accounts . Are you ready to pay for access to virtual number or suffer inconvenience due to the need to constantly re-register two pages recorded on one mobile?

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