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    Record of broadcasts on a disk with samsung TV

    1. Record of broadcasts on a disk with samsung TV Answering the question of how to record video from...
    2. The use of additional equipment
    3. You will need
    4. Several ways to record video from TV

    Record of broadcasts on a disk with samsung TV

    Answering the question of how to record video from a TV to a computer, you can immediately note that no special TV is required for all new TV models. software . Those functions that are already built into them allow you to carry out the entire procedure with minimal time and effort; you need only a capture device and a program installed on a computer with the ability to edit video recordings.

    Regardless of whether you use a PC or laptop to record video, you need to take a special AV-cable, which is usually attached to the device and does not require additional purchase. This cable should be connected to the TV. If the prefix is ​​attached to the latter, the cable connects to it. It is not difficult to understand the insertion of the cable; the standard color of the plug must match the color of the port on the equipment.

    When one side of the cord is connected to the TV, the other should be connected to the port on the computer. Recognizing the device takes a little time. Before that, the user must install any of the editing programs at his own discretion, for example, Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

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    Next steps

    After the connection is completed, and the program is ready to work, you need to open the File menu item and the Capture tab. Further steps include:

      Selecting the capture method (it is best to note the digital camera - Capture From Digital Video Camera);

      Type any name for the future file from the keyboard if installed program it offers;

      Click the start capture button in the editing program.

    It follows from the above that it is important to start the editing application first It follows from the above that it is important to start the editing application first. Having done all these steps, you need to run on TV the desired broadcast. When the broadcast is over, you must click the stop button and save the recorded one. You can find it later in the folder that was specified by you initially.

    It should be noted that the connection through HDMI ports require a large amount of memory on a computer or laptop hard drive and a processor frequency of at least 3 GHz for single-core equipment. It is important that the ports of the PC and the TV are the same.

    Considering the fact that modern technologies are not standing still, there are receiver models that allow you to receive a TV program right from space, respectively, it is possible to record TV directly from this source.

    The use of additional equipment

    If the TV is an older model and does not have the necessary ports, the logical question again is how to burn a movie from the TV to the computer. There is a way out of this situation - the use of additional devices. The same editing program will be used as a recording device for television programs, and the so-called capture tool will be a special card or tuner. Both are installed in special slots. Sometimes drivers and other recording applications go along with these devices on DVDs.

    If there is an opportunity to connect to the tuner through USB cable This will make it easier because system unit do not have to disassemble to get to the slots. However, external devices are more expensive than internal ones, since you need to bother with them less.

    Principles of equipment configuration:

      Insert DVD disc in the drive of a laptop or PC, after which all further settings and recognition will be implemented automatically;

      Confirm the ongoing operations;

      To manually find the desired films that are broadcast on television, which are then recorded by the program (installing it usually requires restarting the computer).

    After you record the desired file and save it, you can do almost anything with it - edit as you like in additional programs with ample opportunities, improve quality and more. However, before you record a program from TV, you should prepare everything in advance, because it will take not a couple of seconds.

    Movies broadcast on TV to a computer ; no special software is needed to transfer video between devices. Most standard video editing programs can also record movies and TV shows.

    You will need

    • - video capture device;
    • - Video editing software.


    Connect the AV cable of the video capture device to the audio and video jacks on the TV . If the TV is connected to a digital TV set-top box, connect the cable to the audio and video jacks on this set-top box. When connecting the cable, follow the color matching (red plug to red plug, white to white and yellow to yellow).

    If your S-Video port is on your TV or set-top box, connect an S-Video cable to this port. If there is no S-Video port, you can only record video using an AV cable (albeit with some loss of quality).

    Plug the USB end of the video capture device into the free USB port on computer e. You may have to wait a few minutes for the computer to recognize the device.

    Open a video editing program that can capture video from a camera. For example, iMovie (for Mac computers ), Windows movie Maker or Adobe Premiere (for personal computers ) support this option.

    Go to the File menu and select the Capture or Capture Function option on the main screen of the video editing program. If several capture options are offered, select the Capture From Digital Video Camera option - capture from a digital video camera (this is how the video capture device is recognized by the system).

    Enter a name for the video file when prompted to do so in the editing program. Select a folder on your hard drive to save a movie file in it.

    Click the Start Capture button or Start Import button in the video editor. Start the movie you want to burn to your computer .

    Click the Stop Capture button when the movie ends. The video will be saved in the previously specified folder.

    There were times when we rushed home in a hurry so as not to miss our favorite show or concert. But now everything is different, technology has so stepped up that we can not wrestle with work, how to be in time, now we have several options for recording the program from the TV to removable storage media.

    Several ways to record video from TV

    How to record video content on a computer

    If you want to record video from the TV on Personal Computer , it is not necessary to buy certain equipment or software, because standard programs existing on a computer can edit any video. And you can record everything you want from a TV to a PC.

    1. It is necessary to connect a special AV video capture cable to the TV connector. Your TV has a connection with a prefix for digital broadcasting means that the cable is connected to the connector of this device.

    2. At the time of connection, it is necessary to observe color matching (the wiring with the red plug is inserted into the connector in red, similarly the cable with the color of the plug is white to white).

    3. Connect an additional cable to the S-Video port (if any). When there is no such port, you can write to the USB flash drive via the AV cable. Only in this case, the quality may deteriorate. Insert the end of the USB device, which captures video content, into the unused port in the PC via USB. We'll have to wait until there is a connection and the device does not recognize the device.

    4. With the help of a program that edits the video in which you need to find the video capture function from each recording device. For example, it could be Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

    5. From the File menu, locate the Capture tab. When opening several options, it is better to choose Capture From Digital Video Camera, which captures video from a digital video camera.

    6. It is necessary to type the name of the future file in case it is suggested to do this during the recording process by the program. After selecting the necessary folder on the disk, save the file with the new clip in it.

    7. After click on the button in the "Start capture". You can start showing and recording video on a PC.

    8. Now stop recording by pressing the “Stop Capture” button, the video will be recorded in the specified folder.

    With this knowledge, you now wash to record any video clip on your computer or USB flash drive. Also do your own hands gifts to close people, recording their favorite concerts and transfers to disk.

    Video, how to record from TV


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